“In White Rock, for White Rock”

White Rock Lake was formed in 1910 due to a water shortage in Dallas, but it wasn’t long before it evolved into a recreation hub in the middle of a thriving city.  For a period of time, the White Rock area was considered an old part of town.  Today, the laid back culture and increased recreation have revitalized the area.

We love the lake, the trails, the eclectic neighborhoods and the diversity that make up White Rock. We seek to recapture the concept of the local church as we live, play, worship and serve in this area.

In short, we are a local church in White Rock, for White Rock. We hope to be such a vital part of the community that if we were to leave the White Rock area, we would be missed.

At White Rock Fellowship, our mission is to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus through lives of worship, community and mission in the White Rock Area. Therefore, everything that we do is driven by those three core values: worship, community and mission.


We desire our lives to be characterized by our worship of God. Worship means to respond to God’s goodness with adoration and devotion. This manifests itself in a few ways for us. We worship gathered on Sunday mornings as we sing, learn, encourage one another and take communion. We worship scattered throughout the week through lives of devotion to God and His mission for us. In all we do, we seek to love God and love others.


We believe that the Christian life is best lived in community. This is why the lifeblood of our church is Community Groups. Community Groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week and group members commit themselves to sharing their lives with and encouraging one another in their faith. In community, we declare and demonstrate the gospel to each other through reconciliation, forgiveness, truth and grace. Each community group also has a missional partnership that declares and demonstrates the gospel in the White Rock area.


One of our callings as a church is something we like to call “Love Local”. We want to be people who share the love of God among the local neighborhoods of East Dallas. One of the most unique ways this happens is through Serve Sundays. A few times each year, instead of our usual Sunday morning gathering we spend that time serving others in our community. Serve Sundays are usually spent serving in one of our Love Local focus areas. Learn more about our Love Local relationships here.