Hello from White Rock Students!

Your interest in this page likely places you in one of four categories: you have a student, you are a student, you are someone who has a heart to see students discipled, or you are simply interested in the different ministries of White Rock Fellowship. Here at White Rock Fellowship, we value the gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost. This passion permeates all of our ministries, and White Rock Students is no exception.

White Rock Students is open to 6th–12th graders and is committed to showing students the gospel of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching, time together, friendship, service, and family-based discipleship. We believe that ministry to all generations should be based more in relationships than in programs, in gospel more than rules. Here is our regular schedule and the information surrounding it:

  • Sunday Mornings @ 10:30am
  • Wednesday Evenings from 6:15pm–7:45pm
  • Meeting downstairs in the Student Room

During this time, our emphasis is on praying and studying the Scriptures, so that the Holy Spirit can make us more like Jesus.

However, we also want to make space for time together. That is why each week we want our interactions with the students to be warm and safe—a place where students can be themselves. Along with this, we try to put on regular, monthly events (Main Event, Nerf Wars, Movie Nights, etc.) to provide a fun outlet for students to build relationships with each other. This is in no way the emphasis of our mission here at White Rock Students, but it is part of it. And we believe that all of these elements are integral to the welfare and flourishing of our students as well as our volunteers.

We exist to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ in the lives of students. To this end we work, pray, and trust (Col 1:9–14).

If you have any questions concerning White Rock Students or are interested in volunteering, please contact Kyle Fischer at kfischer@whiterock.org.