Favor of God

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Series: Joshua 

Joshua Series Reading Schedule (PDF)

This Week's Reading: Joshua 2

This Week's Reflection Questions:

  1. What stands out to you from chapter 2?

  2. Notice the dialogue in verses 8-11 and Rahab’s view of God. How does this encourage you with what you are walking through in your own life or have walked through?

  3. Who is someone in your life right now that you could help or sacrifice for?


Responsive Reading (congregational response in bold)

You, oh Lord, created the earth and the sky, and made life from the dirt, creating us to be your children.

Lord, you are worthy!

You, oh Lord, guide your people through every wilderness, and lead us into life with you.

Lord, you are worthy!

You, oh Lord, bring healing to the broken and hope to those in despair.

Lord, you are worthy!

You, oh Lord, are faithful. Help us live lives of faithfulness to you.

You are holy, Lord. We lift our voices in worship to you.