Judgment and Redemption

Series: Isaiah

Community Group Guide (PDF)

Isaiah Series Reading Schedule

This Week’s Reading: Isaiah 1-5

Reflection Questions:

  1. What themes did you notice throughout these chapters?

  2. Think about the judgments and injustices as you read. Glance at chapter 5, verses 8-23. What about these woes strike you? What does Isaiah seem to be getting at?

  3. Chapters 2-4 describe the tension between who God wanted Israel to be and who she had become through sinful decisions and misplaced trust. Where are you currently living in this same tension? What is one step you can take this week that will bring you closer to the person God wants you to be?


  • We Will Feast in the House of Zion by Sandra McCracken [iTunes] [Spotify]

  • Faithful (Make Our Lives a Monument) by Lauren Kirkpatrick, Clayton Luckie, & Caroline Smith

  • The Solid Rock by William Bradbury & Edward Mote, arr. The Dispatch [iTunes] [Spotify]

  • Seas of Crimson by Bobby Stand, Brian Johnson, Daniel Bashta, and Joel Taylor [iTunes] [Spotify]

  • Remembrance by Benjamin Hastings & Chris Davenport [iTunes] [Spotify]

  • O Fount of Love by Matt Boswell & Matt Papa [iTunes] [Spotify]