In Whom Do You Trust?

Series: Isaiah

Community Group Guide (PDF)

Isaiah Series Reading Schedule

This Week’s Reading: Isaiah 36-39

Reflection Questions:

  1. What did you notice about Hezekiah and the other characters in these chapters?

  2. Read 37:1-13 focusing on verses 8-13. How do the words in this letter mock God? Where do you hear Satan mocking God in your own life? How do you respond?

  3. Follow the movement in chapter 38 from Hezekiah’s illness to the proclamation of his death, to his prayer, the Lord adding 15 years to his life, and then Hezekiah’s song. How can you relate to the words of Hezekiah’s song? Spend time this week describing your own condition to the Lord and then thanking Him for His mercy.


  • Holy Holy Holy by John Bacchus Dykes & Reginald Heber

  • Cornerstone by William Batchelder Bradbury, Eric Liljero, Reuben Morgan, Edward Mote, & Jonas Myrin [iTunes] [Spotify]

  • Faithful (Make Our Lives a Monument) by Lauren Kirkpatrick, Clayton Luckie, & Caroline Smith

  • We Will Not Be Shaken by Ben Fielding, Bob Hartley, Bobby Strand, Brian Johnson, & Chris Greely  [iTunes] [Spotify]

  • All Things New by Andy Gullahorn, Andrew Peterson, & Ben Shive [iTunes] [Spotify]

  • Waiting Here for You by Jesse Reeves, Martin Smith, and Chris Tomlin

Spoken Word
”In Whom Do You Trust”
By Michele Kappas

In whom do you trust?

I trust in You, God!
But I love this thing more though it’s hard to admit 
That’s interesting because when Israel did that
They were said to play the harlot 

I trust in you, God!

If you will just let me keep my plans
I find myself trying to hand them over 
I begin to let go and then revert to control and by the time the dance is done
You still have to yank them from my tightly clenched hands 

I see your tired efforts 
And desire for strategies to avail
But without me as your strength and weapon
You know,
You know the result is a guaranteed fail. 

In whom do you trust?

I trust in you, God!
But these other voices are so loud
They say you can’t be trusted
And that your promises aren’t sure
But is that the city of man or God talking 
Cause I can’t tell anymore

You might fool all of them, but beloved I can tell
Your allegiance to this city is seeping through your outer shell

I can see it in your restless nights 
When peace has all but disappeared 
I can feel it in your joy grown dark
For your heart is gripped by fear
I can hear it in the way you talk
You talk and talk 
Constant chatter of the lesser things
The wine, the job, the house, the vacay
You may fit in for days on end
But can you catch-cant you actually catch the sorrow that it brings? 
Cause child-these things have completely clipped your wings

In whom do you trust?

Lord, you really helped me get through that last year
But right now I’m okay
So if its alright with you can we just talk another day?
I got a meeting in 15 and you know I can’t be late
In 3 weeks from now, I might have an open date

We forget that prayer depends our dependence 
So we just turn to you in crisis
After we exhausted our vices
Making foolish sacrifices
Well, our souls are paying the price
As we become addicts our independence
Lost all meaning of repentance
And the heart of “woe is me”
Just 30 chapters later and Isaiah’s we forgot to see
Coasting in the waters of normalcy

Well…My thoughts are not your thoughts 
And my ways are not your ways 
I am not asking for you to strive for perfection 
I am asking that on me you to fix your gaze. 
You know that I am the only one who can keep you in perfect peace the rest of your days

So, I will ask you again in whom do you trust?