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White Rock Students exists to declare and demonstrate the glory and goodness of God in the lives of students. Our hope is that our student ministry would be an avenue for middle and high schoolers to grow in Jesus Christ by treasuring him, his word, and the community that exists through him. To this end, we meet together regularly in order to understand the Scriptures, pray together, and hang out. All of this reflects our one desire: to magnify God in and through the lives of our students.


Sunday Mornings

WR Students meets on Sunday mornings during the 10:30 am service. Students attend the main worship service and then are dismissed before the sermon to meet downstairs in our student room. Here, the student ministry is in line with the sermon series that the entire church is walking through. We do this so that families can have a common ground from which to enjoy and talk about what God is teaching them.

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Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday nights are the backbone of our relational time together. We meet weekly from 6:30–8:00pm on Wednesday evenings to learn about different topics from the Bible. But beyond the Bible, we also laugh a lot, hang out, and play games. Our desire is that our time on Wednesday nights allows students to form deeper relationships with one another. We also seek to show our students the glory and beauty of Christ through the simplicity of being together, learning about one another, and growing together.