Worship with Us

When & Where

9:00 & 10:30 AM
6800 Town North Drive, Dallas, TX 75231

What to expect

on Sunday Mornings


Come in what you’re comfortable wearing. We have people who wear shorts and jeans up to business casual.

When You Arrive

Once you park, enter the building with the steeple — that’s our main building and where our sanctuary is. If you have kids, you can check them in at the desk and then enter the sanctuary for worship. You’re also welcome to get a free cup of coffee in the lobby.

Our Service

Our teaching is rooted in the Bible. We are either preaching through a book of the Bible, or examining Biblical principles through scripture.

Our music is a mixture of modern worship songs and older hymns, sometimes with a modern arrangement. We range from having a single guitarist and singer all the way to a full band with drums, piano, and electric guitars. You can find a list of some of the songs we sing along with sermon recordings on our sermons page.


Liturgy can be a loaded word, but it simply means the activities the Body of Christ does together. For us, this includes emphasizing the Gospel every week, music, preaching, prayer (written and improvised, modern and ancient), readings, greetings, and more. Our service culminates in the weekly practice of Communion. Through liturgy, our hope is that our hearts are formed more closely to that of God’s. For more information about liturgy, please click here.

Kids & Students

If you have kids between the ages of 6 weeks up to 12th grade, we have a place for them. For children in 5th grade and below, you’ll check them in at our welcome desk in the lobby. For kids in elementary school up through high school, they’ll enter the service and worship with us until the sermon. At that time, they’ll be dismissed to their classrooms, which are broken up by grade and will get to do a Bible study and activities. At the 10:30 service, middle school and high school students will break out and discuss a lesson that is from the same text as the sermon. For more information on our children’s ministry, click here. For more about student ministry, please click here.

Community & Connection

We believe God designed us to live in community, not alone. We hope to be a place that provides strong, Biblical community with truthful teaching and the ability to live authentically. While you’re here, please fill out a connection card so we can follow up with you. If you didn’t get a chance to do so, you can fill it out online here so we can connect you to the Body of Christ at White Rock Fellowship.

Beyond Sunday

While worshipping together is the heartbeat of our church, there is more to life at White Rock Fellowship than Sunday mornings. Learn more about adult discipleship opportunities and about our missions efforts.