About Us

Who We Are

White Rock Fellowship exists to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus through lives of worship, community, and mission. We seek to embody the concept of the local neighborhood church that lives, plays, worships and serves in the White Rock Lake area. We love the lake, the trails, the eclectic neighborhoods and the diversity that make up White Rock. In short, we are a local church in White Rock, For White Rock.


Our worship services are defined by the Gospel and our continued need for the unending grace and love of Christ. Every aspect of our service strives to center around that. We believe that worship goes beyond singing, but that it feeds into our liturgy, our interactions, and beyond the doors of the church. Our heart is that our Sunday mornings equip our people to take the good news of Jesus into the world.


God designed us to live in community, and we work to foster that in small groups throughout our congregation. We have community groups, women’s Bible studies, and men’s discipleship groups to get involved in for accountability, prayer, and discipleship.


The mission of White Rock Fellowship is to declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus. We do this by partnering with local organizations to serve. We also hold to the call to go to the nations and have a missions partnership with a ministry in Costa Rica. We encourage all our partners to get involved in serving both locally and investing in international missions.