In White Rock, For White Rock


White Rock Fellowship exists to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus in the neighborhoods of the White Rock Lake area of Dallas. We seek to recapture the concept of the local neighborhood church that lives, plays, worships and serves in the area. We love the lake, the trails, the eclectic neighborhoods and the diversity that make up White Rock. In short, we are a local church in White Rock, For White Rock. We meet Sundays at 9:00 & 10:30am at 6800 Town North Drive. Read more about what to expect on Sunday here.


Our Mission

At White Rock Fellowship, our mission is to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus through lives of worship, community and mission in the White Rock Area. Therefore, everything that we do is driven by those three core values: worship, community and mission.



We desire our lives to be characterized by gospel-centered worship toward God. We never grow beyond our need for the gospel because we never grow beyond our need for Christ. The gospel is the amazing news that God, in His grace, has provided everything we need for life and godliness. We no longer build our identity or salvation on anything other than Jesus. And, therefore, the message we need is not primarily a pep talk or guilt trip. Rather, it is the goodness of God’s grace in Christ. Worship is our whole-life response to God’s goodness with adoration and devotion. We worship gathered on Sunday mornings as we sing, learn, encourage one another and take communion. We worship scattered throughout the week through lives of devotion to God and His mission for us.




We believe that the Christian life is best lived with each other in smaller communities to provide discipleship through scripture, vulnerable relationships, prayer and a consistent reminder of the gospel. We were not meant to follow Jesus alone and we all need each other. We value discipleship through relationships and encourage all of our church to be involved in these kinds of communities.  Our ministries and groups exist for this purpose.


We are called to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus locally, or to "Love Local" as we like to call it. We invite every White Rock partner to take spiritual responsibility for our neighborhood, street or apartment complex by praying, meeting needs, sharing the gospel and helping it to flourish for the glory of God. We have a number of “Love Local” partnerships where we can tangibly declare and demonstrate the gospel. Learn more about our Love Local relationships here.


Our Beliefs

We are a congregation that ascribes to the quote commonly attributed to Augustine; "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity." That means that we recognize freedom for different views on doctrinal matters that we consider non-essential, but strive for unity on the essential matters of the Christian faith, always proceeding in love whether in agreement or disagreement with each other. Our doctrinal statement explains the points that we consider essential and central to our faith.